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About Beltone

Beltone Financial’s knowledge of the MENA region’s markets is unsurpassed. Beltone is the only investment bank from the MENA region with an office in New York that is solely dedicated to investment in the region.

Beltone Financial’s Cairo headquarters is strengthened by offices in Saudi Arabia , the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Libya .

Snapshot of MENA Deals

In the past 12 months, major transactions across the Middle East and North Africa have included deals across the region and beyond. In the Telecommunications sector, Egypt's Orascom Telecom has acquired other telecommunications companies, and stakes in others, from Namibia to North Korea and Canada , while the UAE's Etisalat acquired stakes in companies in Iran and India .

In the Consumer sector, Egypt's companies led the region in corporate transactions, with Arafa Holding acquiring businesses in Italy and the UK, while Olympic Group formed a manufacturing joint venture with Electrolux of Sweden, and GB Auto formed a bus manufacturing joint venture with Marco Polo of Brazil. Egypt 's Orascom Construction Industries last year increased its stake in the fertiliser companies EFC and Gavilon for a total of over US$3 billion.

Whilst this is only a snapshot of corporate actions over the past year, it is clear that many companies in the MENA region are expansive in their vision and looking to broaden their earnings base for future profit growth in other markets.

Beltone’s World Class Knowledge

Beltone’s depth of research has expanded to cover the MENA region from North Africa to the Levant and to the GCC states. Beltone Financial’s analysts specialize in key sectors and have built up a world class knowledge of their sectors and economies. They have applied that knowledge to research many of the region's most important listed companies which they offer to Beltone's global client base through written research, and directly.

The Beltone Research team will continue to deepen and expand its regional coverage and will continue to be at the service of its widening client base.

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